Theraband Exercises

Theraband Exercises

Theraband loops are simple, easy to use exercise tool so you can get your rehab home exercise program done quickly and safely. They are thick elastic bands made of latex rubber that provides resistance while performing different exercises which is a great way to strengthen the muscles. If you are restricted to any functional mobility caused by an injury or illness, your physical therapist will likely prescribe some specific exercises to perform using Therabands.

How does it work?

Theraband loop system comes in different levels of resistance, and it is essential to choose a proper resistance level for your condition. Your physiotherapist will recommend the level and explain to you how to perform different exercises using them. If you have any questions about using your resistance, be sure to check with your physical therapist. Since Theranad exercises require proper posture, warming up and stretching before use, and the knowledge of which exercises to do for your specific condition. Find a stationary point from which you can secure your theraband then start slowly with your exercise routines as prescribed by your physiotherapist.

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy

  • Therabands are versatile in nature and can use it to exercise for any of your body muscle.
  • They are Lightweight and folds up into a small space
  • A low impact aerobic workout that tones your muscles more effectively
  • Help you with better posture, body awareness, balance, and coordination
  • Their high muscle activation levels help in developing muscular endurance and strength
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