Dr. Pratik Desai (PT)

Dr. Pratik Desai is the Founder and Director of Zelus Healthcare Pvt Ltd. He has completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) from R V College of Physiotherapy, Bangalore in 2010, and Masters in sports physiotherapy from Krupanidhi college in 2012.  He has worked for 4 years at a renowned chain of Fortis Hospitals. Being a certified Manual therapist, he prefers to spend quality time with his patients and would stay throughout their journey of progress and improvement. Dr. Pratik Desai specializes in ACL rehabilitation, post-operative stiffness; sports injuries; Manual therapy and mobilization. As an expert in orthopedic and sports Physiotherapy and Pediatric Physiotherapy Hands on Mobilisation and manipulation,  he has met a variety of patients with many physical challenges. After his intensive 8 Years of working experience in different hospitals, Dr. Pratik Desai has founded  Zelus  Healthcare Pvt Ltd to help patients with better quality of life than what they had before.

He is committed to providing the high standard physiotherapy services to all affected patients through manual therapy as well as by using latest technologies. His main motto is to maximize their physical abilities while minimizing the effects of their impairments at affordable cost. With his personal attention to each patient, he has helped so many patients to reach their full functional independence. He gives customized treatment based on their specific need by providing the positive and motivational environment. Through repeated and focused therapy, he helps the patients to regain their mobility, their physical strength, and their confidence. He genuinely cares about each client and gives great emotional support in achieving satisfying lifestyles.

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