Dr. Nivedita Tiwari (PT)

Dr. Nivedita Tiwari is the Co-founder and Director of Zelus Healthcare Pvt Ltd. She attended Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy (BPT) at Bangalore ‘s R V College of Physiotherapy and completed the course in the year 2014. She is associated with Ortho One Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Centre located at Bangalore for a quite a long time. She firmly believes that the speedy recovery is possible through her experience, advanced clinical training, and clear communication with the patients. The four years of experience as a Physiotherapist has allowed her to gain invaluable experience working with other knowledgeable professionals relate directly to patients with different pains. Dr. Nivedita Tiwari specializes in rendering exceptional treatment in patients suffering from spondylosis, sports injuries, knee pain, back pain, frozen shoulder, pain relieving, post-operative stiffness, neck pain, muscle strain, antenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women and pediatric physiotherapy care.

With her comprehensive understanding and the latest methods associated with Stroke rehabilitation, she exceptionally treats patients with stroke complications. She is familiar with a wide range of techniques and approaches and uses them to conduct post-operative physiotherapy sessions and therapeutic exercise for patients. Being an expert in pain management and Exercise Therapy, she always prefers to tailor her programs for each patient after considering their age and other environmental factors such as physical injury, lifestyle, medical condition and much more. With her passion for fitness and commitment in providing exceptional Physiotherapy treatment to each patient, she enhances the willingness of patients through constant motivation and helps them to achieve fast healing

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