Dr. Manikanta Vemula

Dr. Manikanta Vemula (PT) BPTh/BPT has graduated from the Program for Physical Therapy at PRRM. While attending the Physical therapy college, he has actively participated in the 2014 Sri Venkateswara University physiotherapy conference also has won the second prize in 2015 Warangal Physiotherapy conference’s debate competition. As a licensed therapist and an avid exercise enthusiast, he has a strong background in treating Sports physiotherapy, ACL rehabilitation, treatment for Frozen shoulder and to regain strength in Mobilization and manipulation. Besides, he also handles all kind of orthopedic conditions, neuro, sports exercises, MFR release, stimulation traction, wax therapy, whole body stretches and strengthening exercises.

He has completed extensive continuing clinical practice in physical therapy and is now heading the HSR branch of Zelus Physiotherapy. As a Physical Therapist and fitness professional, Mani’s goal is to empower his clients to move, feel, and perform better through a personalized treatment program catered towards the specific objectives. He believes in using the best diagnostic equipment available to help determine the cause of his patient’s conditions. And his mission to provide high-quality physiotherapy care for restoring function, fostering ability and encouraging physical activity for all his clients.

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