Swissball Exercise

Swissball Exercise

What is Swiss Ball Exercise ?

Swiss balls are large inflated balls that are used as an effective exercise equipment by Physiotherapists to assist with rehabilitation in patients. Swiss ball exercise is the most effective method for core conditioning and the exercise performed on the swiss balls will improve the strength of the abs and the lower back. Since it stimulates the afferent pathways to the brain, physiotherapists use it to evaluate and train the patient’s body balance and coordination. Swiss ball exercise is beneficial for the weak patient too as it considerably reduces the amount of body weight that he/she has to lift since the effect of gravity is low when resting on a ball.

How does it work?

Your physiotherapist will help you with an appropriate warm up and cool down program that needs to be performed in conjunction with each workout using a swiss ball. Then, they will guide you with specific exercises as per your body condition to turn on your deep core muscles to perform efficiently. It is highly recommended that you to take advise of your physiotherapist before performing exercise on a Swiss ball for any specific condition as the chances of slip and fall injuries are high.

Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy

  • Eliminate your pain effectively
  • Helps in improved muscular endurance and strength
  • Low impact aerobic exercise that helps in correcting posture and alignment
  • Promotes flexibility, balance, body awareness, and coordination
  • Improve the overall control and strength of the core body muscles
  • Increases lumbar (low back) mobility
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