Moist Heat

Moist Heat

What is Moist Heat ?

Moist heat treatment is a physical therapy modality that uses a wet heat source to provide better pain relief. When the heat penetrates your body through the skin, it soothes and relaxes the injured muscles, joints and ligaments. If the patient requires further exercise or treatment, moist heat helps in loosening the muscles and make them ready for the treatment.

How does it work ?

In the Moist heat treatment, the pack that is stored at a very hot temperature is used. After removing the pack from the hot temperature, your physiotherapist will wrap the hot pack inside special wrap or towels then place it on the painful area and leave it to stay for about 10 or 15 minutes. This wrapping helps to prevent burns as well as slows down the cooling process so that the patients can enjoy the heat for a longer time and benefit from the treatment.

Benefits of Pain Management :

  • Moist heat penetrates quicker and deeper to get to the root of your pain
  • Controls the pain by blocking pain signals from being transmitted.
  • Aids in a more significant pain reduction
  • Fewer chances of skin irritation since the moisture increases the tissue elasticity.
  • Relaxes muscle spasm and enhances healing
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