Interferential Therapy

Interferential Therapy

What is Interferential Therapy ?

Interferential Therapy is an effective therapy option that is used for relieving the pain by accelerating the self-healing process. It can be beneficial in treating muscular spasms and strains since mid frequency electrical signals are sent to penetrate through the skin into deeper lying muscle tissues. Interferential current therapy has been in use for many years and has been proved to be very useful in achieving a pain-free and healthy physical condition.

How does it work ?

In this therapy, the pads connected to Interferential Current device are placed on the injured body part and a current is passed around the area of pain. The electrical impulses transmitted through your skin starts stimulating the secretion of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, thus relaxes the strained muscles and promotes soft-tissue healing. Interferential Therapy is given to patients for 15 minutes in a single session.

Benefits of Interferential Therapy:

  • An effective therapy recommended by experts to treat chronic pain
  • Stimulates the body’s natural hormone for fast healing
  • The safest method to reduce or eliminate your pain
  • Helps in improving the lost or restricted movement and coordination
  • Visible difference in decrease of swelling or inflammation
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