Importance of Physiotherapy in Pregnancy

1)           Pain-free Pregnancy: Pain, aches, and cramps are not going to ruin your pregnancy period. When you take regular physiotherapy sessions, you can enjoy a pain-free pregnancy. Undergoing Core stability training is one of the best ways to help prevent and treat back pain occurring during your pregnancy.  Especially, if you are suffering from any previous injury, Physiotherapy proves to be helpful since you will be undergoing customized treatment according to your body conditions.

2)           Prepare for the big day: Physiotherapy can help the pregnant women to prepare their bodies for the big day. It is not only helping for pregnancy but also prepares your body for the post-natal period.

3)           Pelvic Rehabilitation: Kegel exercise is the most recommended exercise to strengthen your pelvic area and when you take up Physiotherapy sessions, they will guide you on how to perform this exercise properly. Additionally, physiotherapists also teach you other exercises to perform at home that strengthen your hip and pelvic area so that you can avoid any complications that might arise during childbirth.

4)           Cope up with your hormones: Mood swings during pregnancy are common because of the high-level hormonal changes happening inside your body. Of course, you are excited about your little one arriving soon in your arms, on the other hand, you are completely stressed and full of mood swings caused by hormones estrogen and Progesterone. Physiotherapists are trained professionals who can guide you with non-side effect treatment and exercises that can help you to cope up with anxiety and depression.

5)           Emotional support: During Pregnancy, your body is changing and it might affect you emotionally. It is important that you need to feel well and be content so that the baby inside you will also feel the same. Physiotherapy will help you to cope up with emotions such as stress and anxiety and helps you to maintain good emotional health throughout your pregnancy period.

Physiotherapy helps you with effective ways to fight the physical and mental stress in your pregnancy period. It also involves non-drug therapies such as exercises, massages, heat therapy and electrotherapy to treat your pain and aches. However, it is essential that you need to choose a physiotherapist who can study and understand all your problems and customize a treatment according to you.

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