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Importance of Physiotherapy in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful and exciting phase in a woman’s life as she will be expecting her bundle of joy soon in her arms. As beautiful as it sounds, Pregnancy comes with its own share of hormonal changes, mood swings and pains. Pains and cramps are often experienced in all phases of pregnancy. Each woman experiences different problems during pregnancy, some complain leg cramps, while some complain sore ankles, most importantly, the common complaint that arises among 70% of the pregnant women is “Back Ache”.

Importance of Physiotherapy in Pregnancy:

Do not let go of your exciting phase of life without enjoying and not dreaming about your kid. Here’s why you should opt Physiotherapy in Pregnancy.

1)           Pain-free Pregnancy: Pain, aches, and cramps are not going to ruin your pregnancy period. When you take regular physiotherapy sessions, you can enjoy a pain-free pregnancy. Undergoing Core stability training is one of the best ways to help prevent and treat back pain occurring during your pregnancy.  Especially, if you are suffering from any previous injury, Physiotherapy proves to be helpful since you will be undergoing customized treatment according to your body conditions.

2)           Prepare for the big day: Physiotherapy can help the pregnant women to prepare their bodies for the big day. It is not only helping for pregnancy but also prepares your body for the post-natal period.

3)           Pelvic Rehabilitation: Kegel exercise is the most recommended exercise to strengthen your pelvic area and when you take up Physiotherapy sessions, they will guide you on how to perform this exercise properly. Additionally, physiotherapists also teach you other exercises to perform at home that strengthen your hip and pelvic area so that you can avoid any complications that might arise during childbirth.

4)           Cope up with your hormones: Mood swings during pregnancy are common because of the high-level hormonal changes happening inside your body. Of course, you are excited about your little one arriving soon in your arms, on the other hand, you are completely stressed and full of mood swings caused by hormones estrogen and Progesterone. Physiotherapists are trained professionals who can guide you with non-side effect treatment and exercises that can help you to cope up with anxiety and depression.

5)           Emotional support: During Pregnancy, your body is changing and it might affect you emotionally. It is important that you need to feel well and be content so that the baby inside you will also feel the same. Physiotherapy will help you to cope up with emotions such as stress and anxiety and helps you to maintain good emotional health throughout your pregnancy period.

Physiotherapy helps you with effective ways to fight the physical and mental stress in your pregnancy period. It also involves non-drug therapies such as exercises, massages, heat therapy and electrotherapy to treat your pain and aches. However, it is essential that you need to choose a physiotherapist who can study and understand all your problems and customize a treatment according to you.

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Few Tips For Instant Relief From Joint Issues

Joints are the places where two bones connect. They support your body weight as well as allow you to move freely even when they experience an incredible amount of stress. Of course, your joints are built strong to cope up with all this stress. However, what happens when you face an injury or a disease or even wear & tear of old age????

They become extremely uncomfortable and eat up all your “pain-free time”. Isn’t it?

Be it mild or debilitating Pain, it is still not a welcoming one. Especially when it is accompanied by stiffness and inflammation in the joints. 

Joints are affected by a number of factors ranging from wounds, sprains, tendonitis, disease, trauma, strains, bursitis or even osteoporosis. Also, we need to note that they differ from person to person. Regardless of which joint you are experiencing the pain, be it shoulder or hip or even the most common knee joint, everyone wants instant medication for pain so that they can get back to their normal living soon.

joint pain relief

Here are the few tips that can help you to gain instant relief for your joint issues.

1) Hot and Cold Therapy: The most effective and commonly practised method for instant relief of pain and inflammation in your joints is Hot and Cold Therapy. Hot therapy will boost blood circulation in the affected area and soothe stiff & aching joints whereas cold therapy restricts the blood flow and reduces swelling and numbness. Alternate hot and cold therapy sometimes works like a miracle. Try dabbing a pack of frozen peas or a take warm shower and see which one works better for you. 

2) Medication to cope with the pain: Sometimes you can go with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to get immediate relief from your joint pain. But remember, it is not the only option that you can depend on and it is essential to get your doctor’s opinion before taking one.

3) Physical Therapy sessions: Physical therapy involve a combination of exercises and non-drug therapy.  Physical therapists are licensed professionals who can understand your problem and customise the treatment for your joint issues. They examine, diagnose and treat the conditions that limit the body’s ability to move properly. Especially for joint issues, they help to improve mobility and restore the use of affected joints with a variety of treatment options.

4) Targeted Exercises: Specific exercises targeting the affected joints can reduce the pain as well as increases its strength and flexibility. Be it walking or swimming or even cycling, move within the limits of your pain and feel the difference in just a few days.

5) Meditation and Yoga: Breathing exercises, Yoga, Mediation are the ways of controlling the pain through your mind and achieve a healthy “you “quickly. Restoring your sense of control over those aching joints can turn down the tension prevailing in those places. Instead of practising them only when you experience joint pain, why not practise them regularly in order to enjoy a pain-free living??

6) Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy and aquatic exercises are proven to be beneficial even for those experiencing severe joint pains. Water provides resistance and buoyancy so that you can exercise without putting much pressure on your joints. Are you ready to have some fun in the pool while you work out those aching joints???

7) Therapeutic Massages: Regular massages over those troubling joints can soothe the pain. Massages are a great way of relaxing yourself. When you are having a massage, your body produces fewer stress hormones than the normal time. Either having it done professionally or safely doing it by yourself at home, massages can ease out pain and inflammation for sure.

8) Relax and take rest: One of the best ways to restore your body’s energy is to unwind and relax. When you take rest, the body will automatically start repairing the affected parts of your body. 

The above-discussed methods are effective ones in gaining instant relief. However, if you experience serious conditions such as too much pain, immense swelling, redness, and warmth then it is time to consult your doctor. Generally, your doctor will prescribe some drug for immediate relief and then suggest to take up physical therapy sessions. Your Physiotherapist will guide you with proper treatment, lifestyle modifications, and exercises to overcome your joint issues.

If you want to consult the best and reputable Physiotherapist then contact Zelus Physiotherapy. We are renowned Physiotherapists in Bangalore offering high in class physiotherapy at a cost-effective rate. All our doctors have in-depth knowledge of how the body works and have hands-on clinical skills, to correctly assess, diagnose and treat your symptoms with customized rehabilitation programs.

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