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5 Lifestyle strategies for pain management

5 Lifestyle strategies for pain management

Some pains positively change you but not all. Isn’t it right? For example, pain starts kicking off in your body after your intense work out in the gym. Whereas, the pain that develops after your trip down and fall resulting in the twisted and swollen ankle. Oh, it is not what we want. Am I right? Be it the sweet sweating of the gym or the twisted ankle, it can challenge or change your day to day activities. Especially, when you experience chronic pain conditions which is affectionately clinging to your body and refusing to leave. In this case, you are not only having physical strain but your emotional health also gets affected with increased stress.

Physiotherapy is an effective pain relief technique that can go along with the prescribed drugs. Physiotherapists, often suggest the patients bundle the pain relief therapy with lifestyle changes to improve their physical and mental health. Yes, that is what we do at Zelus Physiotherapy, a high-quality pain management centre. We develop a comprehensive pain relief plan for treating and managing it and also suggest Lifestyle strategies for better pain management for all our patients.

And now, we are going to reveal the lifestyle strategies for pain management that helped many of our patients to successfully fend off their pain with more confidence.

Top 5 Lifestyle strategies for pain management

Manage your Stress Wisely:  Stress is going to feed more power to your pain to cling on longer and trouble you more. Try to remember your most stressful days, are you not gritting your teeth and tensing your muscles ???? Stress troubles not only your brain, your body too. Managing your stress by practising relaxation techniques such as Mediation, breathing exercises would be beneficiary. Flip your day to a  more balanced and less stressful day by centring yourself to approach it more calmly.

Stay on your toes and be active:  Being physically active is the best way to manage pain as well as prevent them in the future. You would have often heard about the feel-good hormone,  endorphins. Your body releases it when you do cardio or aerobic exercises acting as your body’s natural painkiller. So…Why not join a Zumba class and learn some moves???  However, if you are above 40 or have gone through a major surgery recently it is always better to talk to your physician before hopping on to your sports shoes.

Sleep tight: Sometimes you feel drowsy and want to sleep the whole day because of the medication that you are into whereas sometimes you are finding it difficult to sleep properly at night and keep getting up. Getting proper sleep is important because it boosts your energy levels and your mood so that your body can fight your pain. Knee pain relief or joint pain relief or even sciatica pain relief, pain relief can be achieved faster when you sleep tight.

Watch your plate: Several diets can be followed for natural pain relief. We often suggest Anti-inflammatory Diet for our patients along with the therapy sessions. When you follow a good diet, it not only helps you to manage your pain efficiently but also gives a better shape of you.  Be it knee joint pain relief or upper back pain relief, talk to your physician to learn on which diet will suit your specific conditions.

Relax and Unwind: Last but not least, enjoy each day with a smile and a positive attitude. May be your office inbox is loaded with “critical” emails awaiting your reply or your project deadline is EOD, your nerves all too jangled and you are going crazy. Why don’t you chill and regain your focus??? Go for green tea or listen to your favourite song for a few minutes. Relaxing is not only in your holidays but a small relaxation in between hectic schedules can bring in more surprises. Try it out and leave us your comments.

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