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Dr. Pooja Bhagawati (PT) is an expert physiotherapist in Zelus Physiotherapy and has graduated from the Program for Physical Therapy at Assam Down town University. She has extensive experience in treating a number of physical condition and always brings a high level of energy and positive attitude to the patients she treats. Pooja is a follower of evidence-based practice and an expert in Therapeutic taping, Dry needling, MFR (Myofascial trigger point release) therapy and treating joint replacement cases. Additionally, she works closely with the physician to effectively and safely carry out the rehabilitation procedures of her patients. As a Physical therapist, Pooja’s goal is to educate and empower her patients to make a measurable and positive difference in them. Along with the evidence-based interventions, she always develops meaningful treatment plans focused on enabling her patients to return to, and improve upon, active lifestyle.

Her goal is to not only help you feel better but also to give you the strength to take on your everyday physical challenges without limitations. Her problem-solving approach to treatment allows Pooja to look past the medical conditions and figure out why the diagnosis was made.